CNC Carving/Jaali (Partitions, Engraved Doors, Wall Panelling/ Wall Art/ Articles)

CNC (Computer numerical control) Art

A hot trend in the Indian market — CNC cutting designs or jali design — has taken residential and commercial spaces by the wind. These intricate designs are versatile and can be practiced to get your space to resemble ethnic or contemporary designs. These designs are impersonated on solid material jalis today to create soothing, mesmerizing trims, and give them a contemporary character. With the help of our in-house CNC (Computer Numerical Control) router and Laser Cutting machines, the ability to carve out any 3D or 2D carving design onto our doors, partitions, etc, on any material no matter how intricate, the once unimaginable is now possible. R-Homes makes it simple to achieve a highly personalised statement entry-piece, whether intricate or unadorned, aged or polished.

These can be practiced for extravagant interior

applications such as on furniture, as room partitions, or even on walls, etc. Back-lit jali and false ceiling jali’s are currently in vogue which is embracing the WPC properties to its best!

From legendary picks like paisleys to contemporary geometric designs like hexagon lattice, laser cutting makes it all possible. There is a vast range of designs, thickness, and plenty of scope for customization to encompass a space’s design.

Talking about the Designer Doors, we feel that a Door is an artistic expression disguised as an entryway. Therefore, the doors conceived from the minds at R-Homes are perceived less as a utilitarian item and more as a point of functional sculpture.

CNC Art- Ideas & Templates